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About Us

Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

As one of the leading packaging manufacturers in Asia Pacific, APIP offers customers the highest quality packaging solutions, and partnerships built with service, reliability and excellence. 

APIP offers comprehensive packaging related products and services, including packaging for electronic, cosmetic, Jewelry, beverages, food, healthcare, personal and home care, and industrial applications.


APIP Clear Packaging Solutions

Xinyu is one of the largest clear packaging manufacturers in China. Clear Plastic Packaging(include PET box, PVC box & PP box) Products include packaging for high end electronic products such as Phone Case Packaging, home & personal care, hospital, medical device, beverage packaging, and industrial applications and specialty packaging. With more than 400 workers, 50,000 square meters working areas, equipped with State-of-the-art facilities, we are dedicated to bring the highest quality of clear packaging to our customers.


APIP Paper Packaging Solutions

Shenzhen INPA Packaging Co.,ltd focus on the high end paper packaging in the cosmetic, beverage, electronic industry,Jewelry, especially high quality set up paper boxes. With more than 800 workers, more than 20,000 square meters working areas, equipped with State-of-the-art facilities, we are able to bring the highest quality of paper packaging to our customers.


APIP Thermoformed Packaging Solutions

Shenhai Plastic Products Co.,ltd Specializing in the design and manufacturing of thermoformed packaging, such as blisters and clamshells, vacuum-formed trays for cell phones, cosmetics, food, fruit, vegetable, medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and retail items. We can be your strategic partner who can provide high quality products with very competitive cost and short timeframe.

APIP Label Solutions

Shenzhen Zhenhai Label Printing Co.,ltd, founded in 1995, equipped with the state-of-the-art label printing machines, we are able to deliver high quality label solutions to our customers.


APIP Miscellaneous Packaging Solutions

APIP also can provide iPhone & Smart Phone Case & accessories packaging solutions with high quality at competitive prices. The solutions include IMD case, leather case, silicone case, etc.